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Renaissance Humanism

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Nicholas Terpstra

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Early Modern Europe Thurs. Sept 30 Renaissance Humanism 1) Humanist Disciplines & Values 2) Humanists - Male & Female Humanists start writing in the 14th, 15th and 16th years primarily. humanbism now is taking to be more exclusively human - in distinction from or opposition from religion. In the Renaissance they did not make that distinction - it was about studying human life and human values. It was about studying what it is to be human; it was not an organized philosophy, but a group of thinkers, pursuing the same things. Main disciplines; literature - poetryepicsetc , history, rhetoric - to speak and write persuasively, moral philosophy, grammar Studia humanitatis - the term they would use to refer to the above studies (history and philosophy the most important) - studied in latin through reading ancient text. To look at human creative expression, in history, but for the purpose of becoming a more learned individual who could go out into a public environment and speak persuasively. Their textbooks are the classics - Cicero, Ovid, Livy, Horace, Caesar etc.
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