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England: Politics, Dynasty + Religion

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Nicholas Terpstra

November 17 2011England Politics DynastyReligion Lancasters vs the Yorks Split dynastys fight over control of England War of the Roses 14551485 After it is over they create a new dynasty between them TudorsHenry 8 15091547 o Henry marries Catherine to preserve the Spanish AllianceHas no male heir only gives birth to Mary o No male heir needs to find another spouse He cannot divorce her He needs to be in a situation where he can go be with someone else He needs an annulment because divorces by Catholic law is that he cannot remarry o He was a trained theologian because he was not meant to be king He is intelligent focused Serious about getting this done the right way Theyre both religious and Catherine will not step down so they cannot get an annulmentSo then it has to be forced on her the pope is in no position to offer this to thHenry though Rome at this time is sieged by Charles the 5 The Pope at ththe timeis Clement the 7 Catherine is part of the family of Charles the th5 So if Catherine doesnt want a divorce the pope wont allow it o Thomas Wolsey Doing this under him When he isnt able to remedy the situation he gets someone named Thomas CromwellAsks him how he could do it If he goes to the Archbishop of Canterbury he can do an annulment If he gets it from him Catherine can go to the pope and get it reversed y The only thing he can do eventually is create a new church o Creating the Church of England 153334Stage 11533 March Archbishop of Canterburys courthighest y No appeals to Rome1533 May Archbishop declares the marriage annulled y Henry in the same month remarries Anne Beleyn o Births another baby in September named Elizabeth1534 no fundsannates to Rome y No Roman approval of bishops1534 November Act of Supremacy y Head of the Church is the king of the nation y Act of Succession Elizabeth inherits the crown y Most people go along with this Some dont and are executed o Stage 2 Dissolution of the Monastaries 15351540The Church becomes a piggybank that you can just reach into Henry ththe 8 is broke so he needs to be able to do thisHe does a survey of all the religious houses and determines that they are corrupt y Comes in with a report that there is a problem with all of them First stage is that they can dissolve them all and just create less but bigger ones
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