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England: politics, dynasty and religion

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Nicholas Terpstra

England Politics dynasty and religion Dynasties House of Tudors and House of Stuarts House of TudorHenry VIII 15091547Edward VI 15471553Mary I 15531559Elizabeth I 15591603 th 15 century was a mess the core of English politics was conflict War of the Roses 14551485 resulted in the founding of the Tudor dynasty o conflict between Lancaster red rose and York white rose resolved by military defeato Henry Tudor Lancaster defeated King Richard III York and became Henry VII King of England o Henry married Elizabeth of York to unite the 2 houses symbol united red and white rose called the Tudor rose o Henry executed all other claimants to the throne to ensure his position his son Henry VIII followed suitth Until the end of the 15 century plots to overthrow Henry continued to restore Yorkist rule ie Duke of Buckingham but not succeededHouse of Tudor ruled England and Wales for 117 yearsHenry VIII Tudor Dynasty Continuedo Henry VIII married Catherine of Aragon they had only a daughter Maryo Henry thought the dynasty would weaken under Mary so he wanted to take another wife for possibility to have sons o Henry was trained as a theologian so he wanted an annulment form the Pope for this to happen Martin Luther advised the annulment too o Catherine wouldnt agree so he needed forcePope Clement VIII influenced by HRE Charles V Catherines nephew prevented Henry from getting the annulmentLegal situationChief minister Cardinal Wolsey unsuccessful in getting Popes approval for annulment replaced by Thomas Cromwell as chief minister o Cromwell advocate for reformation and English churchs break with the papacyArchbishop of Canterbury could grant the annulment but if Catherine objected she could appeal to the Pope In order to prevent this Henry needed a new church free form papal influenceCreation of the Church of England 15331534 o March 1533 Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Cromwell given highest position in Church no appeals to Rome
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