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Lecture 5

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University of Toronto St. George
Nicholas Terpstra

Lecture 5September27111113 AMRenaissance HumanismAnachronismJacob Burckhardt Civilization of the Renaissance 1860Humanism was in contrast to religionTime when people were liberating themselves from religion and focusing on individuality Humanism was a worked up philosophyPaul Oscar Kristellar 1940s 50s New approach to HumanismExemplifies a whole generationHe was a Jewish emigrate forced out of Germany by the Nazi If you lookthe background of the leader scholars of the renaissance from the 40 and 50s experience a similar background Emerged out of a particular ethos out of Germany in which it emphasizes humane values and ethical politicsStudia humanitatis Human Studies disciplinesWhat are the disciplines that constitute of human studiesLiterature becomes poetry philosophy moral history rhetoric the art of persuasive writing and speech languages Latin Greek HebrewThe way to understand modern human experience you will have to read classical texts that may be 2000 years oldSense of continuity of human experience and hence the ability to continue to read the works of Cicero Livi etcPeople in the renaissance felt that they had a strong sense that the scholars of the past new better and thus to move forward one must move back to discover the answersHumanist ValuesHuman Dignity
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