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European dynasties and dynamics

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Nicholas Terpstra

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Lecture 2 HIS244H1 January 13,2011 Dynasties and Dynamics N Aftermath of the 30 years war N Divisions - dynastic and religious N Louis XIV and international conflict N France vs. Spain and Prance vs. Netherlands N 2 dominant polarizing figures: Louis XIV and William of Orange N Great Powers: Britain, France, Austria, Russia, and Prussia N Spain was a major power at 1600 but started to decline and wasnt a dominating figure in 1800 N Sweden rises then falls so does Netherlands N Most of the modern European states didnt exist so think in terms of dynasties N Nation-states didnt exist at first were a 19th century invention N Theoretically united through Christendom but wasnt Protestant Catholic Netherlands Spain Sweden France England (Anglican) Austria North (Germany) South (Germany) Scotland (highlanders) N
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