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Lecture 9

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University of Toronto St. George
David Stiles

Feb 7LECTURE 8 Scientific RevolutionRediscovery of classical learning unwrapping of first scientific inquiry Earthcentre of knowledge as well as centre of their universethe line of inquiry of cosmologylead to modern theory of physics Astronomyfirst question that pushed forward sciencetic rev Astronomy innovative point because it was OBSERVATORY no lab necessary Nicolaus Copernicus Born in 1473 in Torun Polandhis father died when he was 10 Member of Catholic clergy helped into that career by his uncle Lucas Watzenrode in 1495Watsenrode got Copernicus the position of Canonsecuring his financial burdenCOSTED money for scientific inquiryresearchTrained as a physician also held a doctorate in canon law was exposed to astronomy and astrology in his studies and took a keen interestbegan to more seriously engage with cosmological ideas in the 1510s What did he think about cosmological ideas traditionaccepted as fact by scholars and the Catholic church The Ancient View traced back to Aristotle the earth being the centre of the universethe earth is at the centre of a series of larger spheresclear spheresthe closer ones include the sun moon and stars Ptolemys VIEW VIEW was appealing to the human egoFIT NICELY into the great chain of beingEarthlaid down by sin was at the centre NOT everyone held this view but medieval thinkers began to talk about stuff such as experimentation and the use of mathematicsCopernicus was not agreeing with Ptolemys viewas it did not sit well with observational mechanisms that had been discovered thus far Copernicus Objections If he geocentric model of the universe is true why do the planets not have circular orbits Why does the planet Mars seem to be brighter at times and dimmer at others In search of a theory that would allow circular orbits Copernicus placed the sun at the centre of the planetary system Heliocentric solar systemThe Copernican Model sun at the centrehis model unsettled people the earth not being the centre of the universe was problematicupseted religious institutions predominantly accepting this modelskeptical Tycho Brahe15461601 Danish nobleman
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