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The Great WarFuel coal wood and gas controlled much more by the state post1917Economic efforts relied heavily on persuasion and propaganda was haphazard Govt had to do a lot of convincing the people The Soldiers Story Throughout the war 660000 Canadians enlisted 420000 ended up fighting overseas War fought by volunteers not a professional standing army ie militia officers position not acquired through meritocracy but via connections Professionalization came much later after the warMany who tried to sign up were turned down because of a failure to pass the medical exam Criteria included ages 1835 good eyesight good teeth however became less and less rigid as the government got more desperate for soldiers Many signed up giving up very good jobs to sign up for the war patriotic enthusiasm didnt even have weapons Many under aged soldiers lied in order to enlist in the army Asian Canadians and Black Canadians were not accepted into the army general rule Sam Hughes minister of militia and defense played a formative role in the early stages of the war in shaping the nature of CanadianoBecame the personification of the early war eff
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