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September 21, 2010 Narratives of Encounter: Early Aboriginal-European Interactions Altantic Ocean is the considered as the fundamental unit of analysis (Ian Steele: think of the Atlantic as a highway that allows for all sorts of activity like networks of trade, migration, disease, ideas, revolutionary ideologies) known as the Atlantic World, focuses on the Early Modern Period (1500-1800) New Worlds (the Viking age, early European explorations) The Viking Age Leif Eiriksson; Vinlnad: 1000 AD, assembles a crew of 35 people, se to explore the territory south of Greenland, vinland contains different species of berries, located on modern day Newfoundland, saw timber, vital source of fuel in which heat could be created th Beothuk; Mikmaq: 19 century the Beothuk ceased to exist, temporary cooling, impossible to substain agriculture, 1450: norse voyages to vinland had come to an end, European powers (spain, france, portugal and England) would replace the Scandinavians Explorations in the Early Modern Era th Factors: competition between imperial powers; commerce (trade, mid-16 century, Europea
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