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Lecture 16

Lecture 16 - Society & Economy in British North America

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Bohaker/ Penfold

Society and Economy in British North America at MidCentury 1850s Life in a Revolutionary AgeI Small WorldsMajor RevolutionsTechnological InnovationsRailroads and the telegraphAbility to move people from point A to BPreviously took 3 days from Toronto to Kingston 1830s after railroads 4 hoursOld post houses were no longer being usedTowns would experience an economic boom due to routes through their townSocial impact and economic impact of a major technological shiftMoved goods from point A to B much fasterIncrease economic connections between the rural and urban areasFresh milk would come in fast in a few hoursRural areas brought fresh products into urban areas much fasterDaily papers reach further places exchange of ideas increasedElectric Telegraph Samuel MorseSets of dots and dashes sent through an electrical chargeBeginning of the era of electronic communication near instantaneous communicationFor the first time ideas are travelling faster than peopleTelegraph was essential component of railway schedulingTrains used one trackRailway stations become the place to send and receive telegraphsTransatlantic communication cable across the Atlantic ocean1858 first transatlantic cable Ireland to NewfoundlandTransatlantic and Transcontinental communication communication business news stock prices newspapers began to carry international news as soon as it happened not weeks or months laterInformation turned into electrical impulsesEconomic TransformationsShift from small artisans owning raw materials and producing small goods to more and more factory productionMovement towards freer tradeMass economic realignmentsRevolutionary Ideas1848 European countries deal within their own internal revolutions to deal with the economic and new ideas around themCommunist Manifesto Karl Marxclassless and stateless societyEconomic disparity growing new revolutionary ideasRising conservatism1837 Queen Victory ascends the throneBy 1850s cult of domesticity sweeping the British Empire family focus and celebration of family moral regulationBritish North America Small Worlds in the British EmpireNewfoundland New Brunswick Nova Scotia PEISmall worlds in a growing British Empire largest empire at that timeBritish North American colonies 25 million people living in the eastern part of North America about 25 000 first nationsNewcomers split between recent immigrants and those who were born in the colonies
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