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First Nations History to 1500

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Bohaker/ Penfold

Time for 14500 years of human history in ONE HOURNow we all know that the New World means the Americas which is indicative of the Eurocentric Focus of history in Canadaindeed until recently Canadian pre1500 history was called PreHistory as if history only began when the Europeans popped up to write about it and was mostly left to archaeologists and anthropologistsNow some quick definitionsAboriginalInuitIndianMtisSince 1982 Aboriginal has a specific legal definition so it wont be used too muchIndian First Nations statusnonstatusIndian identifies people as being statusnonstatus under federal legislation and in fact originally as Wards under the Crownnot properly adults and therefore not eligible to vote until 1960 Yeah rightInuitNow Inuit is Not Indian We think of it as applying to the Indians in the Far North and indeed the federal government didnt even try to assert any authority over them until the 1930sAnd Mtis as you know is an example of blending of old and new bloods and is a cultural blending more than a biological oneNow the native cultures had SO MANY different languages and cultures Of language FAMILIES ALONE there were 12 in Canada Now within those families there are about 56 lan
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