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First Contact

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thAlright were gonna be going over the 16 century in Northeast North America and the first contact with the EuropeansSo as you know there were no states over here just societies and if you survived your first year youd have a decent shot of living a long and full life in an artistically and culturally rich societyAcross the sea Europe was embarking on one of the most important things in the history of humankindWorld Domination The great seapower military strength need for wealth and expanding merchant class as well as the newly expansionist vision of the Catholic Church spelt troubleNow in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blueand was such a dumbass he thought hed hit India Erik the Red would have totally kicked his ass Now he was an Italian many were excellent mariners hired by the Castillian monarchy to find a new trade route to IndiaBut yeah he wasnt the first Theres evidence of sporadic trade on both coasts going back 5000 years Theres 3000year old Chinese Jade in BC theres 2500year old South American Peanuts in China Asian Chickens in South America There was contact between Labrador Greenland and Iceland every now and again going back 2000 yearsAnd of course theres LAnse aux Meadowsbut that s
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