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Early European-Aboriginal Interactions

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Mc Kim

HIS263Y1 Narratives of Encounter: Tuesday September 21 2010t Early Aboriginal-European Interactions The new framework for studying history represents a shift away from the views of the nation-state as the unit of analysis towards the Atlantic ocean as the unit of analysis This framework takes into account all four continents that touch on the Atlantic: Europe, Africa, and the Americas The Atlantic as a highway that allows for activity between the continents (trans- Atlantic activity) such as trading networks, migration networks, disease network, ideology network Atlantic World is the name of this framework, concentrating on the early-modern period (roughly 1500 1800), an era of early exploration the end of this period marks the rise of the nation-state New Worlds The Viking Age 9 to 12 centuries The Scandinavians were the mariners of the world Skill on the seas, fearsome capacity for war Leif Eirksson Sets out to explore Greenlands south He arrives in 1000 AD, at an attractive location (boasting relatively mild climate) dubbing it Vinland (Wine Land) There is debate as to where Vinland is, but there is evidence that it was the NE tip of Newfoundland In 1960, Archaeologists come across evidence of an old Norse settlement in the NE of Newfoundland, thought to confirm this hypothesis For the next 500 years, the Norse would make frequent journeys to this area For timber
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