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Royal Takeover and the Clash of Empires

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Mc Kim

HIS263Y The Royal Takeover and the Thursday September 30 2010 Clash of Empires They Royal Takeover Louis XIV, Sun King Absolutist: extreme centralized authority by the monarch 1661: ascends throne until 1715 upon his death Like Louis XIII was a strong believer of mercantilism Mercantilism: state control of the economy of a given political community, the basic idea was that colonies existed in order to benefit the mother country 1. Resources 2. Market J.B. Colbert Minister of the Marine, pretty much the colonial minister (oversaw the administration of Frances colonies in North America) Along with Louis XIV, they sought to transform New France and turn it into a French province Sought to export to North America the governmental structures and economic systems that existed in France itself This desire manifests itself in the royal takeover of 1663 Prior to 1663, New France had three characteristics 1. French imperial authorities were interested in prompting settlement 2. Trade, particularly with indigenous peoples 3. Missionary activity As a result of these objectives, New France was scattered (going in many different directions)
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