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Clash of Empires

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Mc Kim

HIS263Y Clash of Empires Tuesday October 5 2010 Imperial Rivalry Struggle between Britain and France for imperial supremacy France had less people and money The profits from their fur trade decreased, whereas Britains cashcrops allowed for an increasing profit New France, while it faced unfavourable odds, had important advantages 1. Superior relationships with Aboriginals, in particular the Algonquian-speaking people 2. 1701: For the first time in many decades, the Iroquoian-speaking Five Nations people assumed a position of neutrality and ceased for a sustained period of time to participate in military developments in North America Stalemate between the French and British French continue to occupy military force and trading ports in the Great Lakes region as well as Hudson Bay (British areas), they also held on to the massive territory south of the Great Lakes, which they called Louisiana New France does fairly well in the war, but suffers as a result of diplomatic negotiations that take place elsewhere in the world The first round of the Anglo-French conflict ends in 1713 **Treaty of Utrecht, 1713** Brings an end to the War of Spanish Succession During these negotiations, France makes certain gains and consolidates its influence in various parts of the world, but in exchange for these gains, France was obliged to make major concessions in North America 1. France, under the auspices of the Treaty of Union, France gives up all claims to the treaty of Newfoundland, which had previously been jointly occupied by Britain and France 2. France gives up all territory surrounding Hudsons Bay
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