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Lecture 10

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University of Toronto St. George
Heidi Bohaker

Loyal They RemainedThe American Revolution and British North AmericaValues of our peoplelinguistic dualitiesboarder makingWAR EXPERIENCE all created these productsNOT THE CASEyes there was a royal proclamation ISSUEDBUT IT WAS THE RESPONSE of local conditions that necessitated that ACTS like the Quebec actprotecting French language rightspeople not wanting to assimilateit was all local reactionINDIGNEOUS reactions to the presence of settlersREQUIRED the British to make a Buffer zone LOCAL CANADIAN experience on the ground AND the empirethat shape the actions of empirewhich shapes Canada1 Quebec Invadedi Rebellion BrewingAfter the fall of quebecand the treaty of Paristhere was this major Jubilation of American colonies being a part of AmericaBritish was bankruptthey needed help from these colonies to pay war debtsbut the local colonial governments were not consulted on the raising on taxes Sugar ActTAX on wine coffee sugarStamp ACTon all printed documentstaxesGrowing sense of discomfortthat colonies felt British was overstepping its authourity only Two years after the treaty of Paris Tensions are Bewing1770 there was protests BOSTON TEA PARTYamericans dressed up as indigenous dumped tea over the sideimposition of military rulecolonies regard these sort of actions as intolerable actsguaranteeing French rights ETCAMERICANS WERE JEALOUSa militia was formedSpring 1775colonial leaders were about to rebelAmericans wanted to KICK the British out of BOSTINVADE QUEBECii Quebec was taken because it was a frontier that they wanted to take over so that the British wouldnt have a plat form to invade backb much easier then taking over Boston cAmericans thought it is possible that the French would side with themused pamphlet movement of revolution Britishwe vulnerableCarlton only had 600 troops protecting Quebecwasnt sure if the Quebec act was enough to keep the loyalty of the French Montrealsurrendered without a fight Quebec was under siege for 9 months from Winter 1775 into 1776Americans took holdbut in MAY 10000 BRITISH troops arrived iii Divided Loyalties on behalf of French1 both sides were English speaking Protestantswasnt sure if they would pick losing sideSupport for the militia had wayned over 9 months Habitants wanted to stay out of itthe Indigenous populationConfederacy was under strainthe Mowhawk and the Senecadecide to fight for the Britishthe Inaida and anothertook the American side EXTENDED OUTLINELOOK FOR NAMESCONFEDERACYTHE NATIONS WITHIN THE CONFEDERACY had to choose sides in the conflict
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