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WWI: the soldier's story

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Mc Kim/ Penfold

WWI: The Soldiers Story February 1 I. The War Begins Archduke Ferdinand (Austro-Hungarian Empire) As a result of Archdukes assassination, Germany invaded Belgium, and Britain declared war to protect Belgium. Canada automatically at war when Britain declared war on Germany Robert Borden: declared that Canada stood shoulder to shoulder with Britain in this European war patriotic outbringings. Wilfrid Laurier: declared support for war: ready aye, ready. A man who had been reluctant in British military affairs, but here he signals his strong support for entering European conflicts Henri Bourassa II. Signing Up Not prepared in 1914 Permanent Force (3,000 in 1914). Initial recruits were mostly British born men (not native Canadians). Enthusiasm among British born men Recruitment establishment: institutions that mobilize and recruit people. It had two interrelated levels: official government (use of propaganda), and local level (organizing offices and militia units within local communities in this sense recruitment was a form of community mobilization) Militia (60,000 in 1914) Training consisted of a couple nights in ar
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