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the two twenties

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Mc Kim/ Penfold

The Two Twenties I. The Elusive Twenties The image of the 20s is very optimistic. Referred to as the roaring twenties. This is part of the 1920s (fashion, cars, etc emerging), but there is another 1920s of unrest, instability, uncertainty, and pessimism. Two pictures: optimistic, and pessimistic II. The Search for Political Stability: first minority government in Canadian history Progressiveness: represents farmers William Lyon Mackenzie King (Liberal Prime Minister: 1921-6, 1926-30, 1935- 48): faces difficulties, as he is the first who doesnt have majority (cannot pass any legislation he wants). He is also facing a challenge from the east: Maritime Rights Movement (1919). This is a cohilition of many different social groups (labour, professionals, business, farmers). It is the business interest that really lead this movement. MRM flow from the declining economic and political powerimportant of Maritime province. The population was growing more slowly, so their political influence was declining, as they didnt have a large population for voting. Economy was beginning to decline relative to the rest of the country - tied grievances with regional identity. They, articulating these grievances with a sense of emerging patriotism. Argued for high tariffs and better railways to encourage trade. But they didnt argue this for economic reasons, but argued because it was a basis of east west economy, that ran from the Atlantic the Pacific. They ought to reflect that confederation bargain. Essentially a
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