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Steve Penfold

Lecture 36 The Fate of Empire 19171939 l February1612 114 PM 1 September 1939 o Britain declares war on Germany and Hitler o Canada declares war a week laterthere are 2 aspects why did Canada declare war And why do they wait a week o Now Canada could declare war by themselves yet they waito William Mackenzie king is president at the time2 Canada and the empire o From wwi to wwii boarden was in charge and everything was defined by ideas and institutionsthe British empire and institutions that linked them to the empireo Borden is interested in leveraging Canadasact in acquiring more foreign policy and Canada should get a say o One of his key advisors Lauren Christie believe in coordinate autonomythat the empire should world as a federation and Canada should coordinate their foreign policy across the empireand talk about it with others and Britaino 1916 Britain is open to this ideaminister Lloyd Georgehe sets up an imperial war Cabinet in 1917where all their dominions send their prime ministers and coordinate their effortso This allows Borden access to information to the war that he has not had before he believes that conscription is necessary o The second move George sets up is hold and Imperial war conference in 1917that is a continuation of other war conferences where all dominion
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