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Economic and Political transformations in America

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Erin Black

1 ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL TRANSFORMATION IN ANTEBELLUM AMERICA (c.1820-1860-pre-civil war America) (Oct. 26) I. The Transportation Revolution a. Internal improvement is the beginning of a transportation revolution b. Cannels-1820s—do wonders for creating and east west nexus c. The airy cannal most facous and connects baffalo to allbany on the hudson river —track it to the port of NY city –linked it to the entire north west territorry d. Canals make water travel possible—connects cities which become commercial centres e. Roads—sprining up everywhere f. The map below shows the canals in the green g. All of the developbments are financied by thstfederal govt h. Real break through is the rail road-1820s—1 one consisted of 13 mile track. By mid 1830s—railroads are surpassing railroads rather than canals i. 3000miles of railroad miles of track—more railroad track than England j. 1840s—railroad peak—unleashes ameica’s economic potencial k. this makes possible the economic connection of the US l. fules the ability to promp industrialization expantion esp textile industry 2 - The Railroad (see map below) 3 II. The Rise of Manufacturing - Industry in the North - This is not the Industrial revolution—but it is what sets the stage for the industrial rev post war - Rise of manufacturing for 3 reasons: transportation rev, explosion of banks opening up, technological innovation—esp Eli Whitney—pattens 2 things esp essential: 1- interchangable part*--opens the door to mass production, making manufacturing more possible esp in Northern and New England states - Distinguish manufacturing in US from other places: 1-the extent that its poping out of nowhere, 2-in part bc of transportation rev the presence of industry in the country side –along the northern seaboard - Water rays capable of driving machinery—steam power –require body of water. - Most of the mills that existed prior to manufacturing—most were built and operated by farmers –they tended to be agriculturally focused—focused on grain or lumber, but were nonetheless the seabeds of their community, <
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