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Empire Abroad, Progressivism at Home --Jan 15th 2014

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Erin Black

Jan 15 2014 Tutorial- how the other half lives Pt .1  Poverty is cyclical  The 5 factors  Social justice and social control- the fearful messes  Who is in charge of progressive reform and revolution Lecture Empire Abroad, Progressivism at Home I. Anxieties of Modernization  Americans had pride of their western modernization but at the same time the changes brought about some anxieties as well  Concerns about o Industrialization-  Wealth is skewed- increase of poor class- what do we do about this?  The huge class gap  The labor unrest and eth rise of labor movement  Lots of strikes  Scaring the middle class and the growth of the labor movement is concerning middle class protestants  The rural ppl are concerned about their place o Urbanization  Of moral degradation- dance halls and theaters  Drinking and moral misbehaviour is increasing o Immigration  Anglo- protestant will be overrun who are not- like Jewish and Catholics and Chinese o Closing of the frontier- Fredrick Jackson Tuner’s “Frontier thesis”  How significant the frontier was to eth development of eth U.S  The first era of American history has ended  But the fear of what happens to the grand American story – what now?  Ok so where do we go from here? - Go abroad!  Wanting to expand causes war  In 1890s II. The crisis of the 1890s  Attitude of eth belief that there is a crises brings about a new political party called the “ppls party”- (Populism)  Ppl r demoralized  Fruits of toil are stolen  Other parties were incapable to solve the issues so came a new party  So down with monopoly  Lets elect honest men!  Neither republicans and democrats were interested in economic affairs – believe that a good gov is one that keeps hands out of economics  Pressing issues of the day o Agrarian Revolt  Ways to look after own interest  consumer prices constantly on rise and farm income decreasing  cost of living goes up and wages goes go down= poverty  not enough money to pay mortgages and cannot afford to stay on land  unregulated railroad – costs r just ridiculous  not enough money to start with and it cost them greatly just to ship their goods  knights of labor try to solve issues  regional alliances o populist platform  want economic democracy- call for gov ownership of railroad and telegraph system  the creation of eth sub-treasury plan  To create a graduated income tax! What we have in Canada –the higher your wages, the more tax you pay  Use of currency system not only backed by gold, but silver as well  So free silver  Allied themselves with labor- 8 hrs  Want to see senators directly elected by eth ppl  Most of the platform is not gonna be successfully introduced but in piece meals  Is a significant precursors but has minimal influence of things  Depression time! The fact that it exists is just ruining everything  Depression proves populist point but start to lose influence  Reason- 2 main stream parties r bitten by the reform bug as well and start to see the issues that are generally effecting Americans  America’s place in eth wider world III. America looks abroad  Foreign policy wasn’t much on the agenda  But in there is o Impetus for expansion  Industrialization: faster trade  Rise of wealth o Economic triumph… yet depression: 8 fold increase in coal production etc. and yet there is still depression o Navel lobby  Majority – industrialist  Supports the notion of enlarging foreign markets but that means putting us in conflict with other nations- create fleet to protect commerce  Ships fueled by coal- so need places to stop for refueling and can become communication and repair centers  So we need naval bases  Investments abroad is increasing  Americans living abroad b/c of international investments o Preludes to empire  Hawaii – setting themselves up there- increases political influence there  Controlling Hawaii politics – resistance  But Americans living in Hawaii revolt! Sanford Dole elected as president  Wants annexation but doesn’t get it- cause there r problems at home- but eventually it is annexed in 1898  Experiencing the Monroe doctrine-  1890s- much more assertive in its right- actual investments such as in Cuba  So western hemisphere is ours  Boarder dispute in venisvala  The British say no! Americans need to be more forceful and got its way! American’s flexed their muscles  This leads to a war with Spain thought of a splendid little war and won it in 3 months (1898)  Cubans in concentration camps- America has sympathy  Humanitarian desire to help the Cubans – they have lots of money invested there! of course their gonna help them out  Because of eth depression- the U.S hesitates helping Cuba  U.S ship blows up in Havana harbou
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