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Erin Black

Crisis of the union i. Contextualizing growing sectionalism ii. Bleeding Kansas iii. The politics of dis union iv. The 1860 election v. secession Kansas newbraska act 1854 As Kansas pop inscreses call a election to determin wethere it would be a free or slave stste In massori 1000 cross thr border to illegally vote The guv of missori was infavour of this A pro slavery candidate is elected Guv of cansas says no legit lets hold another 1 This time anti slavery legislature wins When it tries to set up oit is turned away by Kansas pro slavery legislature already set up Now the anti slavery sets them self up in a town down ythe road We now have 2 diff legislatures in 1 state ready to fight against eachother for legitimacy In nov 1855 anti slaver member is murdered Armed conflict breaks sout Physicalviolence breaks out in the senate in Washington Charles Summer(abolitionist in favour of full and equal rights(one of the few men at this time to speak out b4 the civil war)) in 1856 gives a speech called the crime against Kansas Goes on a rant against the south how slavery has made them shameful kansas against all things natural, and it should be a free state This is when preston brooks hit Charles with a cane on senate floor This made situation in Kansas worse Southerners fouynd preston brooks as ahero syticking up for them Northerners voe to join republician party infavour if antislavery When word of his beating reaches kansas john brown goes on a rant killing proslavery people (his own son says he went crazy) This was called bleeding Kansas The end result of the people being able to decide clearly isn’t working out Iii politics of disunion 1856 election The e;elction James b cannon democrat They nominated a nortyhnewr on the side of the south to appease northern sdemocratics who were switching over tio repub Republicans(created in 1854 to mprohibit slavery into federal tetorities) elcted john fremont(maped out Oregon) their first election Primary reason for opposing they see it a hinderence of free whit labourers in the new states The American party nominates millard fillmore Democrats are the ownly longterm federal party American party dosnt get allot of hel in the south because theyt do not nhave allot of immigrants there It thus becomes demo vs repubjames Buchanan wins jmocrats ust barley by 2 sates for d 1856 rally for freemont, a new American flag is raised with a jiant star saying admit me free for Kansas Sectionalism is now a political realitydresd scott vs Sanford In1840 DS was taken into tetority closed by missori compromise DS decides to sue his master for taking him into a place where mena should be free(technically not US tetority yet Chief justice oif supreme court roger taney (a southerner) say; 1. slaves do not have right to sue 2. they are not us citizens 3. therefore free blacks than woyuld not be free sitizens of the Us due to the top 2 points northerners believe there is conspiracy to aisd slave states 1. chief justice and president both soutrherners, taney says missori compromise swas unconstutional it attacks property rightrs of slave holders protected under 5 amendment (property is property) this brings up that slavery can not be prohibited at all looking like extreme southern slaveist are involved Lincoln douglas debates Douglas who authored Kansas new braskas act, also shortened the long amendment vs Lincoln the unknown republican The debates Dauglas portrays lincola and reo as out right abolitionist and nigger lovers wanting to give them free eauqlity This was wrong Lincoln dint not want to abolish it in the south And he did not believe blacks and whites are socially equal but they should be free In reas=ctuion to DS case If slaves cant be free in a tetority than whatabout in a state that has previsouly abolished slavery He is scaring northerners that slavery could come back in northern states Douglas wins and Lincoln puts himself into public spotlight 1858 electoions John brown and harpers ferry JB dosnt stops killing slavist he than cross borderinto missori an starts killing pro slavers in their homes 1856-56 The guv of missorti put 3000$ for him dead or alive The pres adds $250 making JB a federal fugitive He valued harper at $2.50 lol They work their way to iwndsor Ontario letting things calm down an plans harpers ferry raid In is in Virginia Breakin to us arsnal and start armed slave revolt, he is funded by wealtrhy northern abolitionist Once in Virginia launch their plan He succeds in taking federal arsenal The army is sent in to stop them Hes put on trial for treason against the US He realized if he let the train that snitch on go, and if he died there would be a huge out cry of support afterward He says god made me do this because slavery is evil although he didn’t plan on giving the slaves the good weapons to fight with Southerns allwayslived in fear of their slaves but now they wonder how many more people luike JB are their who will follow him N 1860 same yr as election his trial commends The 1860 election The democratic party fractures for good They are primarly southern party with some north Soutrh wanted to protect slavery where minority in north don’t weant to protect it Soutrh say screw u now they hae 2 democratics running Stephen douglas runs demo in north John Breckenridge for souith demo Abraham Lincoln for rebublicians (he is seen as a moderate) The amerivcan party is falling apart(immigration is far from the biggest problem) The last party is john bell of the constutional union party(who want to bring the union back together) john bell a slave
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