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Early regulatory efforts 1930s Emergency banking act:restoring faith in the American peoples faith of banks pres resevolt closes all us banks gfor 4 days and only opens the fir banks Federal deposit insurance company : gauarntees the savings of americans will be protected if bank closes (FDIC) THINgs are beinbg made to protect I trerests fo us people Federal securities act: the body that regulates the stock market, securities and exchanges commission (sec) thus restoring faith in this aswell Early relif efforts 1. Federally e,emergency relief 5 milll given to strates to help relieve there people. Thius ultamatly supported 5 mill houses houlds with 30$ a month Helps to create jobs for unemployed (this was not huge) eventually the federal handouts would run out 2. Civil worsk administration : created construction jobs but shut down to early because was to costly to run By time shuts down other works were creatsed 3. Public works admin: gives cintreacts to private companies who do all the hiring 34,000 projects in us built roads airports dams schools us naval warsdhips etc 4. Civilian conservation core: get people out there planting trees, taming rivers concerving nature and giving people jobs at the same time These things gave us citizens dignity better than just taking money form the guv they actually work for it 5. Tennesse valley authority: brought energy to the south T.V. allowed modern industry modern farms (helping poor part of south get a leg up) Recovery Must do something to kickstart american economy 1. Agricultural adjustmnent act AAA: goal to raise crop prices in 2 ways a. Pay top plow farmewrs to cut off goods there is no market for ex say they have to much land and pigs or sheep(the guv will pay to remove) b. Commodity loans and farm substities 2. National industrial recovery act thet creates the national recovery administration: encourtage people to agree on rules fair worki9ng condist fairs prices minimize competition, encourage consumers ton only patroinze stores with the NRA logo Their flaws are Hurting share croppers landowners are supposed to take money and take land out of production but these men took the money and fired workers mostly black NRA peole believe in terestes not perwerrved small b usiness was left out big business did not like guv interference etc Diff parts of economy did not like either acts and they are both ruled unconstutional exceeding the power of the fed guv to regulate Stirings on the left Socalistas movement in the us which was quashed cimes back in the 1930s as people think they offer solutions to the crisis People who are not soc and communist voice their ideals
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