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Erin Black

1920s AMERICAFeb 8Republicans in government this decade laissez faire return to normalcyBusiness predominant aspect of societySocial and cultural change roaring twentiesIEconomic BoomThe economy grows although it is not an even distribution agriculture lags behindThe nations net income leapt to 87 billion by the end of the decadeUnemployment is quite low about 18 in 1926Housing industryAutomobile industryMass Consumptionthe Growth of AdvertisingPer capita income of the white middle class increased by a third cost of living stayed relatively same meant more disposable incomeMass production of a broad new range of productsRadio refrigerators various home appliancesThe growth of modern advertising stimulates the desire for new productIt removed certain values from American society notions of thriftsavingAdvertisers saw themselves as missionaries of modernity Postwar advertising isnt about the product itself but about what it can do for you The idea is to link the possession of a material good to the fulfillment of an imagined spiritual need this is a successful methodThe creditpayments plans fuels consumer revolution everyone can participateThrough consumption you will be carrying forth Americas futureIIModern Mass Culture MoviesRapidly becomes a big business of its own silent filmsMovie attendance doubles by the end of the decadeThe advent of sound in 1927The Jazz Singer first movie with sound JazzThe creation of African AmericansNew OrleansThe Great MigrationHarlemChicagoHarlemJazz halls competed with Broadway showsBacklash initially black heritage inferior and lacks sophisticationIn particular draws in the youth representative of the new life The RadioPhonograph birth of the recording music industry
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