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Lecture 5

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University of Toronto St. George
Erin Black

th Semester 2 Lecture 5: Wednesday February 8 , 2012 1920s America I. Economic Boom  America’s industrial sector is humming but the agricultural sector is lagging behind  The Auto industry was the largest manufacturing industry during the 1920s o Had so many other industries that it helped bring into being  Gas stations, garages/mechanics, fast food restaurants, hotels/motels/holiday inns o Symbol of the decade’s prosperity  Mass Consumption & the Growth of Advertising o Incomes were raised and the cost of housing stayed the same – more money available to spend (middle and upper classes) o People didn’t see themselves as consumers but as “missionaries of modernity” o Ad content changes  Advertising becomes less about what the product is and more about what it can do for you o Became so successful that many people were buying outside of their means o Credit becomes extremely important  Now you can buy things whenever you want, regardless of whether you have the money at that time II. Modern (Mass) Culture  Movies o Originated as silent films with music played in the theatre as the background noise o Admission is quite cheap o Open to all classes – were able to experience ‘the good life’  Jazz o Featured improvised solos – helped spread by the Great Migration – product of African Americans o Quickly attracts white American youth o First popularized by the phonograph
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