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thHIS280Oct 6 11Qin Dynasty and its consequences Next 2 weeks covering qin and han which occupied position of roughly analogous of ancient Greece and ancient rome in Europe and the middle east etcThese 2 dynasties are the ones with 5 key features of overall structure of chinese society and state is put in place 5 key fundamental changes which effects ripple over chinese history They are 1 Transcendence of regional cultures by the imperial level of stateorganization Formation of an empire having been states for a while had more or less developed independent culture When the QIN and HAN dynasty came along there is a general over arching culture 2 The development of the political system structured around the emperor and his ministers Very much more in theory than in practice The overarching norm is that there is an emperor that is served by educated loyal ministers 3 The development of the state sponsored canon of texts eg Confuncius and others technically the 4 books dont become important till sungthe setting for a set of parametres for what is possible of thinking of the state The narrowing of the possibilities of what is possible to think or say about the state Following this was the Development of a universal script Therefore no matter what state one is from one could communicate with each other 4 Demilitarization of the interior of china 5 In han the development of a pattern of rural life where state access to local society is mediated through wealthy great families turnaround from the trend from warring to qin for state and lowest state of society to be in direct contact with each otherSlide outline for the dayOrigins of QinSlidesAudioQin organized itself soley around aof war Something about qin getting to power originally came from the efforts of other statesChanges in nature of warduring western zhou period most of spring autum periodwar mostly conducted by small nobles in chairs Government mostly by codes of honour Fairly minor affairs Toward end of spring autumn periodchangeswars no longerconducted by nobles They were led and conducted by specialists in tactics and strategiesIt is the period of 5 military classics written in china eg The Art of War by Xunzi
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