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Ian Radforth

his312 mar 12 3/12/2013 12:04:00 PM Radicalism and repression in Canada’s inter-war period New immigration Immigration boom -homesteaders -immigrants working for industrial frontier -immigrant workers in urban industries -active in socialist labor movements. Employees were looking for higher wages. For job security. Improvement on their general condition. For equitable society. Fundamental change to the current capitalist system. Call this foreigners dangerous foreigners. Viewed as dangerous because they were foreign speaking and alien ideas. Could not be Canadian because of their background and politics. Dangerous foreigners Threat to production, profit Radicalism “foreign” Concern for industry Fermented unrest Pressed government to act State repression fueled by media panic, fear being seen in the main stream. All of these took place being considered repression. Protest, striking activity. State sanction. It was necessary to do sth. Exceptional state. : state of emergency. wwI and repression -heightened british nationalism -war measures act. Everyone had to do their part for effort. Who fell outside this is considered as suspcision. To ensure homeland security. Give government the ability to pass legislation without the approval of parliament. The extra power to allow them to engage in politics. -dominion police surveillance: strikes were legal. Anyone who oppose description is considered condemnation of the war. -strikes illegal -press censorship -enemy aliens: people that were at war with Canada, they had to registered. 80000 registration. Considered as dangerous. 6000 of Euclidean’s. they wanted their self condemnation. -interment -P.C. 2384 and political policing. Give government the power to outlaw any organizations they view as unlawful. The boundary stretches in the sense ethnical organization could be out-lawed. Radicalism were formed. The government were essentially doing was policing the governemtn. 1919-year of revolt winniperg general strike, no job were given to the citizen when they were returning home. Shut down the city for 6 weeks. Very little violence. Most of the violence came from the government to put down the strike. -sympathy strikes in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax -section 97 a) and b) of the criminal code passed. Official code for what happened in 1919. And section 41 of the immigration act. These measure do as. Section 97. Ordering the counsel. Same as p.c.2384. force were never defined in the section. Section 41 giver the government to deport someone. -foreigners harassed. Being attacked. Difficult time why did some immigrants become socialists no security. Job that nobody else wanted to take. -exploitation -racism. Perception. Racism against the bosses. -police repression. When you try to strike, the police put it done. Powerless to do anything to change. -fellow community members active socialists or communists. Experience from the Europeans immigrants. They had idea about what can be done to change the situation. -1917. Embodied socialist in Canada. Ethnic minorities and socialism -ukrainians, east Europeans jews. They were well-organized. Germans, Russians. Same sort of division in those communities. Like orange order. Where there is cultural transplant. These groups also formed poles. Formed different kind of organizations. -left minority develops -some socialists upon arrival, others; on the job/ a cultural transplant. Left-wing political parties/ethnic minorities They were interested in ways of exposing their cultural. These movements were a effort to make it international. United with other groups. Not always possible. They were still divided. -immigrnat socialist organization leads to -hall socialism -meeting spaces -social events -education -solidarity and internationalism. Social democratic party of Cnaada, 1911 and active to 1920 -leaders English, Canada British Membership-Ukrainian, largely ethnic. -ran candidate in elections and occasionally won municipal/provincial level. Viewed along the line of Marx. There could be a socialist world. This was their ideology. -class analysis of capitalis, imagine a socialist future never a large party. Government heavelly targeted them. Suffered as a repression in the WWI communist party of Canada 1921 -left inspired, success of Russian revolution 1917 ties to communist international. Would send delicates to Moscow. See what could be done to shape the new world. Lots of the members were immigrants. They welcome immigrants. From all kinds of all jobs. Language branches. Designed to help organize those ethnics communities. -published newspapers in many languages. The newspapers they publish were much like the hall, means of having ethnic workers. Could consume politics. Try to build up industrial unions. -ran some candidates in elections, sometimes won -active in trade unions. Ethnics socialist and trade unions -trade unions mostly craft unions-unwelcoming to foreigners -industrial workers of the world est, 1905 in Chicago -active in west -one big union -supported foreign workers -strikes, solidarity, and the general strike -worker control of industry -target of repression/weak outside of lumber industry by 1920s. move into more general strike. Bring capitalism done would be their strategy. They never really recovered after 1920s worker’s unity league 1930-35 a creation of CPC organize unemployed into associations -organize the unorganized into labour unions -mostly ethnic minorities -welcomed all workers, bring all individual trades into one. -internatioalist links -some success, Moscow shut it down 1935. Responsible for 1/3 of all the strikes in Ca
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