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Lecture 5

LEcture 5 notes

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Ian Radforth

HISTORY 312H1 F OCTOBER 5 TH 2010 LECTURES 5 Ireland- a land divided Pre-famine Immigration, 1816-1845 Reasons for leaving: who? Existence of a push pull situation Settlement: men , women and families Institution: the loyal Orange badge ( Orange Order) The Roman Catholic Church Initially more Protestants than Catholics made significant impact They werent all poor people, more middle class They owned land small business that helped them immigrate IRISH HISTORY -existed tensions in the 18c - Britain tried to impose an Anglo-Irish elite - well connected Protestants -give positions of power - ran legal systems; were judges -Church of Ireland -dominant Scotland & Irish -Presbyterian - Elite Irish group - tensions that preexisted were then followed even into Canada Pre-famine immigration 1816-1845 Important period- significant no of Irish came from Ireland to settle in Montreal and New Brunswick -were a founding group - committed to their colonies, and stayed that way - they werent the poorest of the poor - they had something to sell that aided setting up businesses helped transportation The poorest of the poor went to England Largest group of immigrants were Protestant (Presbyterian) and Anglicans They feared worse prospects; lives of their children Ireland: linen production was declining People relied on weaving to pay rentsbills Because of looms, their prospects were decreasing 1820s till then Roman Catholics had no political rights All rights went to the Protestant Ireland
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