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lectures 9 and 10

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Ian Radforth

LECTURE 9: Anti-Orientalism and a White Canada Policy The anti-oriental movement Ideas -Institutions: -working mens Protective Association (1878) -Anti-Chinese Associations (1879) -Asiatic Exclusion League (1900s) -Pressuring the BC govt: -employment restrictions -Immigration restrictions Anti-Oriental comes from the period organized,thnstitutionalized racist movement from the days of early arrival of Asians, right through to 20 c. These were people commited to WHITE Canada white Canada forever! was the slogan Hoped govt would make policies that discriminate against Asians, not let them have jobs in BC, or even send people back home to some extent met success, Canadian Govt responsive in important ways State policies that were racist Upon arrival, Asians met with hostility driven off gold fields Ppl opposed formed Organizations to tackle the Asian issue Campaigns, lobbyists, election campaigns, drawing attention to their campaign RESULT was broad-based movement. Many clergymen active in this movement Wanted to create Christian society and Chinese threatened that. Lawyers, businessmen, working class, politicians.. everyone Very few people spoke out against it, except the Chinese. Some people in Ottawa and BC worked to undermine it, but clandestinely. So popular was the movement that people were afraid to say anything against it. Similar to other movements in terms of organizational structures. Ex. Prohibition movement, organized along similar lines also when womens movement started, wanted the vote This movement contrasts to the blacks. colourphobia. Never organized on anything like the same level as anti-oriental movement, no influence on govt much more institutionalized form of racism Large number of organizations: Working Mens Protective Association Main group behind it were organized working men (Trade unionists) called for boycott of Chinese-run businesses, or business that employed Chinese Anti-Chinese Association Ottawa, focused on petitions Asiatic Exclusion League (biggest group) publicized what they feared were the plans of railway companies to import more Chinese workers Behind the 1907 riots Arguments of Anti-Orientalists?????
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