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his312h1 - october 4th

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University of Toronto St. George
Ian Radforth

Lecture 5The Irish Immigration to BNA 181518651 Irish o Part of British migration 2 Introduction o Why feature the IrishLarge numbers perhaps 60 of total y Largest single group to come out of the British Isles in the 19th centuryExcellent example of cultural transfer y How they brought aspects of their culture with them and how those cultures spreadadapted physicallyExample Transfer of the Orange Order and Tension between Irish and yCatholicsMost tragic moment of the Great Migration y 19th centuryWorth looking at the immigrationFamine Migration was short lived short numbersBest Studied y Secondary sources o Three PhasesPre Famine 181545 y Famine 184549 y PostFamine 185065 yo Irish historyIrelandEnglands first unofficial colony y English rule of Ireland from 1169 y 1600s England planted Scottish Presbyterians in northern Ireland Ulster y Crown decided for a more aggressive presence in Ireland1700s imposition of an Anglo Irish elite Church of Ireland ie Anglican Church y Provide leadership at local levelBrought Church with themIrish troubles of the late 1700s y Irish union from 1801 part of the UK Britain y Roman Catholics wo political rights until 1820s y Initially no right to vote bc they were Catholic 3 PreFamine Immigration 181545 o Numerical significance Formed largest group entering Canada y Permanent residents In Canada y Set tone for society yo WhoMiddling ranks farmers shop keepers y Mainly Protestant thru Catholic minority large SouthUlser y British administration appealed to ProtestantsSome went to US bc they did not want to deal with British
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