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October 19th 2010

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

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th October 19 The First Phase of the Nuclear Arms Race The Long Way to Armageddon - technological and military aspect - dreadnoughts revolutionized military warfare - Britain and the Imperial Germany competed with each other, who would have more dreadnoughtsupperhand? - revolutionary military technology and diplomacy and international relations was the infamous machine gun during WWI - every single state that entered the WWI had one military mind: offensive war - 1914 and what followed after was a strategic bankruptcy. Not one state could find an antidote to the machine gun - the application of new science and new technology - instead of developing new strategies, but bought in new innovating weapons J airplanes, tanks and submarines in 1914, 1915 and 1916. - without a good strategy, they cannot win the war even if they have all these weapons - it takes years for states to make good use of the weapons strategically - Blitzkrieg applied the weapons and overcome the difficulties of the machine guns - Command, communication and control - Germans did quite well during the initial stages but miscalculated, having taken way too much, the resistance - hydrogen atoms were forced by an explosion to fuse into each other and turn into an helium, more destructive power. Also, more easily produced and delivered - in either case of atom or hydrogen bomb, revolutionized potential warfare, military technology, etc. - none of the high commands had a strategic plan to work them into their existing military structure and use them in conjunction with conventional forces J}LZ^^2_M - both sides looked for a possibility of combat against each other - high commands could not grasp what the new weapons meant in terms of military strategy - neither of them wanted to start a war - Americans knew Russian were in position to start a war - even the Soviet Union demobilized - their attitudes towards the weapon did not seriously reflect the change in military technology - Nov 1948, a study J calculated the effective of using all 56 atomic bombs against Soviet Union in a first strike scenario - the Soviet Union will at least suffer 3 million deaths - 40% of industry will be destroyed - the Soviet Union will not be destroyed and still be able to attack - Plan for the ]LZ}Z^}]Q^K}ZoL_ - prevent attacks against Soviet shores - the Red air force defended economic centers - ZK] LZo}ZK] L- o^L _
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