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Vasilis Dimitriadis

Lecture 5121010Past ClassesDemise of European colonialism turnover in a political system that lasted for a century and a halfcomes to an end after WWII These empires are lost for a number of reasons1948 conflict The Berlin Blockade Stalin had to back down an allow the western states to hold onto West Berlinthe partition of Germany became a donedeal as well as the division of EuropeA year after the Berlin Blockade and the formation of NATO created not because the British and American feared a Russian invasion they are in no position to launch a warno threat of a Russiancommunist invasion but created out of political necessity In Korea a war is initiated a surprise communist attack in the summer of 1950 Korea becomes the poster of the Cold War Many of the suspicions and arguments of traditional historians who said that communist states would try to take over the rest of the world were justified The western powers were thus justified in militarizing and creating NATO The problem with this attitude is that it was complicated by the Russian and Chinese archives what emerged in the last decade is that neither Stalin or Mao wanted to start a war or take over the worldcommunism is not bent on world domination But during the Cold War era because of Koreas surprise attack the western states were justified in their policiesThe preliminary started after WWIIafter 1945 both sides were preparing for a Hot or Cold war Preliminariesst1 covert operations and propaganda psychological warfare both sides were trying to prove their points for public consumption The British had taken over the spy network in Germany postWWII The British employed the German spies to spy on the communist political system and sabotageto make sure that the communist system would not love some economic miracles 25 000 guerillas fought the communist system in Ukraine who were trained by the CIAthey assassinated a number of important figures in the Soviet system Guerilla operations existed in Poland until the 1950s as well Resistance in the Soviet BlocEconomic sabotage in Hungary Bulgaria and Romaniasabotages to stop the Russian take over and the communist system Psychological warfare a number of systems were set up to bombard Eastern Europe with western news Free Europe RadioAmericans were able to break Russian notes intercepted by western intelligence that gave them insight into the communist actions negotiations etc This shows to what extent the west went to stop the Russians before the first shot was firedThe Soviet Union was much less successful in sabotaging the western states technology In human intelligence they were incredibly successful They infiltrated universities and made the Russians appear as the only ones fighting a cause We are shedding our life please share the information that come across your table Many times these intellectuals would give in However we cannot blame these people for they did not equate the Stalinist system with Soviet Russia Hundreds of names were sent to the Soviet Union In the US 360 Soviet spies working in high positions were helping the Soviet Union
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