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WW re: empire, WWI, Paris Conference.

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Geoff Stewart

9.10.1 -- Woodrow Wilson & the NWO New World Order: realism and idealism. Haitie recieved indipendence from France in 1804. Toussaint LOuverture was the key man responsible. First -O,.N705:-OL.-:9K,,807L0841.4:58,3:389,-O0J4;07320398O,7J0O:0940OL903,3.L,OL39070898 1915, Woodrow sends Marines to Haiti, who stay until 1934. They do little to improve the situation, and by 34 the country is as bad or worse than before. Francois Papa Doc Dubalier is the new leader, corrupt and tyrani- cal. His son, Baby Doc, takes over after. Run Haiti into the ground. 1912, Woodrow Wilson elected. Wilson ran against Taft, Eugine (socialist). Had a whole new plan for interna- tional politics in general. Initially discredited, but WWI gives them new life. US emerges from the war a superpower. End of the progressive era. Women had the vote; prohibition; welfare system begining. Wilson begins using moralism in politics; freedom, self-determination. Shift away from the city on the hill, lead by example but dont get involved attitude. Wilson entered politics in 1912. Governor of New Jersey. Was an academic. Admired British parliamentary system, and tried to act as a PM and President spoke often to congress directly. Born in Virginia; parents owned 8O,;08;L7LOO7,.L89949,O80J70J,9L43ZL9KL3J4;073203941.08 0770OLJL4:8-:9,O84;07574J7088L;0 WILSONS FOREIGN POLICYASSUMPTIONS ,9L4388K,70,247,O8038041.422:3L9 L1Z,7.4:O-0574;4N01742L88470747:3M:89L0L3;,8L439K0L39073,9L43,O889023000, general moral code acnowledging nations obligation to one another. K7L89L,3L9L80;L03.0419K0-749K07K44412,3 K7L89L,3L9L80;L03.0419K0-749K07K44412,3,39K:89K0702:89-0,:3L1L3J247,O80380 between nations. !45:O,7 5L3L4317000-,90705708039,9L441;,77L0L39070898Z4:O,OO4Z70,843944;07.420-,7-,7L82,3 regression. BelivedAmerica had a divine mission to convert the world toAmerican principles, which would make the world a more stable place. Had a very moral foreign policy; belived in right and wrong, often determined by religion. WILSONS FOREIGN POLICYAIMS 55480L2507L,OL82 feared eventual wars between colonial powers over imperial interests. !74249080O1 09072L3,9L43 except orientals. ,N09K0Z47O8,10147024.7,. #01472Z47O54OL9L.8 replace balance of power with collective security.
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