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Lecture 12

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University of Toronto St. George
Nathalie Fournier

France and England did not want to see a unified Germany - Mitterand chose Germany over Britain o Trying to control them by investing in Center Democratic Party in Germany o Put pressure on Kohl for new joint European currency to prevent currency speculation - Maastricht Agreement 1992 – led to transformation of European community into union and adoption of Euro in 2002 - Under regulation of banks and overexposure led to financial crisis o Kerviel personally lost 5 billion Euros through personal trades - Very difficult to have unified monetary policy for area with diverse traditions - 6.6% unemployment rate in France - National-Front initially led by Jean-Marie Le Pen now led by his daughter Marine o Claim to represent true France o Strong presence on extreme right, pulled between 10-18% of vote o Main stream Gaullist Party UMP has to fight off this challenge from right, this has led it to adopt racist rhetoric  Sarkozy has resorted to race bating - Legal definition vs. Cultural definition of citizenship - France is home to 5-7 million Muslims, 500,000-600,000 Jews o France now has largest Jewish minority in Europe o Events in middle eas
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