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Lecture 6

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Jane Abray

HIS389H1F- LECTURE: September 30, 2010 Summis Desiderantes Affectibus - Authoritative statements from pinnacle leadership of Western Christian Church. - Pope lays out what bothers him and what he thinks will result – enhancement of the fairalith, strengthening and eradication of heresy - What is the pope on about? He is deeply distressed about inquisitor authority and safeguarding that authority - He exclaims that people should respect inquisitor authority - Local authority would have to oblige to popes recommendations - Preaching to be allowed - Scepticism – inquisitors were having a hard time getting traction with local authorities - Lack of demonological knowledge in village - Centralizing, standardizing, organizing - Mobilize - Jurisdictional conflict - Those who renounce faith – make a pact with the devil, baptism & marriage - Engaging in sex with the devil, are witches causing miscarriages, violating gods orders about procreation? - In keeping with church authority by providing such bulls and edicts - Pope certainly signals orderly procedur
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