HMU111H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Winterreise, Song Cycle, Program Music

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Published on 1 Apr 2016
!not always tonic to dominant
4Die Winterreise5"678/
o %!;
Dichterliebe "
/Der Freischutz="67"
2/$Johann Kind
B%$ +,/.'
o, + +!
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Tragic and isolated young man (goethe"s werther) Nationalism in 19th century: germany and italy unification, people interested in folk arts (fairy tale) Program music instrumental music with extra musical idea (story, view) Tonal relationships and harmonic movement not always tonic to dominant: iv i ending. Modified strophic form, text is syllabic, not melismatic. 5th in song cycle die winterreise (the winter journey 1827) on poems by. Piano accompaniment rustling leaves of tree, cold wind. Horn call romantic image (evocative wisp of sound from ancient forests . Music on text 3 possibilities: strophic (each stanza sung to same music, through-composed (each stanza sung to different music, modified strophic (varies pattern in some stanzas) Becomes e-, then e+ as tree speaks to him. Wrote for piano, lieder and song cycles, 4 symphonies. Song cycle, while rejected by girlfriend"s father, painful. 2 stanzas, same music both times (strophic) First mention of love big dissonance, unsettling opening. Libretto johann kind (hunt, nature, supernatural themes)

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