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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 - Neurogenesis.docx

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University of Toronto St. George
Human Biology

Lecture 5Neurogenesishad lecture slidesThe BrainDeath but no Birthdogma brain doesnt changeimportant everything may die nothing may be regenerated o idea for no regrowth o largely not a lot of your brain can grow o it is not totally unknown o there are areas in the brain that can regrow o can these new neurons do anything else Read supplement readings Neurogenesiswell after birth tons of nervous system tissue is generated and many of them die as wellembryo starts to pattern in early stages in ectoderm starts to become nervous system tissue o ectoderm becomes nervous systemall those cells come from stem cells divisionstem cell has 2 properties o it can selfrenew most important cell that results from division is a stem cell still the same as the old one typically it would become distinct o often give rise to and divide to become different types of cells but they lack renewalprotent become any type of tissue can become neurons or glial cellsas though that these cells were not there beforeDNA replication occurs in the cell division for other cells there is no DNA replicationNew Neuronsif you can find cells where there is a lot of DNA replication these can be stem cells stainingtreating tissues with radioactive nucleotide so it is incorporated in the DNADNA repair would also be a cause of DNA replication where they criticism arises1983model organism song birdneurogenesis more extensive making it easier to findpart where the vocal cords are happens seasonally they dont sing all year long o area where vocals are produced Vocal Control Nucleus o grows and shrinks with the ability to sing o either due to neuron expanding or neurogenesis o brain area gets bigger then smaller Experimentinjected and looked at area near song region
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