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University of Toronto St. George
Human Biology
Stephen Wright

th LECTURE April 4 , 2011 20-25% based on first semester material; rest based on second semester material AE courses Register on ROSI; email sent to you to provide more info on filling out priority ranking forms o To match you to courses you really want GENETICS OF CANCER Cancer cells diff from normal cells Cancer Results from mutations in different types of genes o Ie. in proto-oncogenes Cells grow out of control, destroying healthy tissue Failure in mechanisms controlling cell growth, proliferation, and death o Result from DNA damage from mutations, or types of altered gene expression Chjanges found in cancer cells Promote or produce uncontrolled growth Normal cell makes decision whether or not to divide based on signals received from neightbouring cells o Positive or stimulatory signals to divide o Negative signals so stop dividing Cancer cells either insensitive to negative signals or produce own stimulatory signals o Autocrine stimulation Lack of contact inhibition in tumour cells Normal cells when proliferate, when come in contact with normal cells, stop dividing o One cell layer only if plate normal cells Contact inhibition o Tumour cells different dont receive or listen to signals from neighbouring cells Contact inhibition does not occur Disorganized pattern seen in tumour tissue different from organized pattern in normal tissue Another factor producing uncontrolled growth is insensitivity to cell death cues o If damaged, if cannot be repaired cells undergo programmed cell death o If damaged, can still proliferate So proflierate damaged cells Lack of gap junctions in tumour cells
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