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INI100H1 Lecture Notes - Humphrey Bogart, Tom Cruise, Tennis Ball

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Norman Snider

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Character creation is the primary concern for creating a narrative.
Characters should be paradoxical, they need both good and bad qualities.
Create a character that the audience can identify with. They want to imagine them-
selves on screen.
They want to see who they would like to be.
Love stories always work because people are always looking for partners and so they
want to see that story succeed and imagine themselves in it.
Character - Motivation what they want. Drama is what the protagonist wants and how
the antagonist stops them from getting it.
if the antagonist is internal or an idea, how is it represented visually.
James Bond retains popularity because he kills his enemies and mates with all the wo-
man. Primal urges.
Occupation is important to deciding what your film is going to be
Humphrey Bogart was never anyones dad. The road to a true noir hero.
Audiences are like children at bedtime, there are some stories they never tire of hearing.
Drive is a story about the defense of family values, Gosling is defending a single mom
and her daughter. That is why he is redeemable.
We can forgive characters much more if they want things that audience also wants. The
desire for family, the desire to fall in love etc.
Write characters so compelling that there is lots for the actor to do with a wide emotional
Give main character a lot of emotions/afflictions for them to overcome.

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Tom Cruise in days of thunder/top gun, a likeable hotshot but he must overcome his
selfishness to become a team player.
What are the characters ethnic, social and educational backgrounds.
Pretty Woman Julia Roberts to Gere “how far did you go in school?” Gere: “All the way.”
Once sentence shows his entire educational background.
Occupational jargon is important for establishing credibility, pet phrases help to define a
Every ethnic group has its own spoken idioms.
Tape conversations to analyze foreign conversations. You must mimic slang in order to
provide a sense of realistic dialogue.
Ethnic dialogue must be done sparingly otherwise the character becomes a charicature.
Dialogue and behaviour reflects the time in which is was made. Bad Day at Black Rock
is a western with 40’s sensibilities, Deadwood is much more contemporary.
In Training Day Ethan Hawk is the Point of View character.
In The Great Gatsby, the story is about Gatsby not Nick. Nick is the point of view char-
acter. This allows a link between the audience and main character so you may view this
astoundingly bad person by seeing them through the point of view of a good character.
POV character is like safe sex. It’s fun but does not expose you to a bad character or
Main character should have a particular precise way of speaking to define their charac-
ter. You should be able to take away the names from the script and you would know
who was talking.
Characters behave in a certain way, the way they act defines who they are.

Only pages 1-3 are available for preview. Some parts have been intentionally blurred.

The characters can be based on a fantasy of what we would like to do if we were able.
Girl With Dragon Tattoo. Lisbeth is living out a female fantasy of standing up to men
and corporations. Her violence is based on revenge and defense making it more ac-
ceptable and allowing for her to undertake actions normally not attributed to female
All movies are about relationships.
How do we affect eachother? For good or bad?
Relation between onscreen characters. Emotional dynamic between characters is as
important as the aspects of the characters themselves.
Protagonist - Villain
Protagonist - supporters
Protagonist - world at large
Relationship needs things that pull people together and push them apart.
Bonnie and Clyde against the world True Romance characters against the world.
Be able to find a single sentence that describes your character.
In a buddy movie, what are the differences between the two characters?
Love Triangle, Buddies, Bad guys turn out to be good.
Failure is a great dramatic ploy.
What are the dramatic possibilities about the situation you have established.
2nd to the love relationship is the status of the bad guy. A hero must kill a true devil in-
carnate or he is not a hero.
True love must not run smooth.
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