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Corinn Columpar

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November 26, 2013 Animated Film  Animation process is different from live-action film  A Trip to The Moon (Georges Melies, 1902) transcends the limits of real life  Exploits medium specific techniques to add to fantasy – superimposition, stop-motion  Characterized by at least one of two attributes: o Presentation of imagery that has no real world status beyond the filmic universe  Imagery is drawn directly on celluloid in cel animation  Layers put on to form image, once composed then photography is used  Computer animation is strictly on computer  Clay/puppet animation is photographed  Production of worlds with 3D objects and figures o The creation of movement through a succession of individual static images  In live-action, things are recorded in real life; has continuity  Animation can put things into motion through stop motion  Frame by frame adjustments  All cinema is predicated on the illusion of movement  Difference between live action and animation is that the
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