Writing Essays Lecture & Readings Combined Week 2

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Viktoria Jovanovic- Krstic

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Week 2 –Critical Reading and Writing - Writing is a communicative art o Everything is written for an audience o Good writing communicates intended topic to the audience - Solidarity – a union between the writer and the reader o Strengthened by good arguments o Weakened by assumptions and biases  Solidarity is threatened when the reader questions the writer’s work o It is essential to have a solid, trustful relationship with your reader  Write to answer their questions, doubts and needs  Do not ignore the reader and write for solely the information  Treat your reader as your equal - Approach texts as if you are the only intended reader o Look at how the text meets your needs o Look at how the author accomplishes his/her purpose o Question the author’s decisions on tone, style and diction - 5 strategies to reading texts: o 1. Suspend judgement for the first reading  Read for pleasure o 2. Circle significant passages  Why are they significant? How does the reader show this?  What do they mean?
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