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Lecture 6

INI300H1 Lecture 6: INI300 L6(b)

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Viktoria Jovanovic- Krstic

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--Limit multiple negative:
Unclear: He was not unhappy about not failing to meet the criteria
Better: He was pleased he met the criteria.
--Confusing sentence: The recycling facility, although it was originally intended for use by only
one municipality, is now shed with night outing townships.
Be consistent with:
Number: do not switch from singular to plural when referencing something.
Women have made considerable strides in their chosen fields.
“YOU” is a good pronoun in cover letter, memo. But is it is not a good choice for report.
--Verb tense: show time changes only when logic requires
When the CEO entered the auditorium, the crowd applauded
--Voice: don’t shift from active to passive
Parallel Structure
Pay attention to parallelism. Deliver content in the same way:
--Unbalanced: we anticipate expansion into underserved regions, border areas, and markets
that are located overseas.
--Parallel: We anticipate expansion into underserved regions, border areas, and overseas
Be parallel when representing the following information:
-consecutive phrases
Comparison A has to be exactly the same as comparison B
Writing for emphasis
For visual emphasis use
Underline, boldface, italics
large font
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