ITA200H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Courtly Love, Canzone, Voi

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13 Feb 2018

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Lecture 2: Tuesday January 16th
Courtly Love: Amor Cortese
Frederick II
Key Words to Underline
Ampole Metaphorical Resonance Tells us alot about the Courtly Love in city of
Palermo, in Southern Italy
1st poem: Poi ch’a voi piace, Amore (canzone)
I Apprehend My heart
The poems of the courtly love put the position of the troubadour in a learning
posture, love is an emancipating experience lifts up the intelligence of the person
who experiences love, learning is the key term
Love is just not a feeling but a subject matter, love must be discussed
Courty love: is ana assemble of people who practice courtesy, enables them to open
their spirits
Love in this sense has undertones that might have an erotic and sinful attributes,
regarded with a great sense of nobility, no connections to christinaity or religion
Because love is an enobling experience
Courage, the hope
Attaining knowledge, cardinal of knowledge is the final end of the courtly
experience, the union with the lover is never actually accomplished or if it is it is not
Mercé Mercede- Mercy
Women has all the attributes of love, and the poet descends all attributes to her
Practice of Courtly Love
Need not to reveal the name of the women that the troubadour wrote poems about,
which led to a writing that was also obscure
Styles of writing metaphorically/ antifrastic way
Trobar- write/make poems
Trobar Clus- Writing in erotic tones tht cant be too obvious
Trobar Leu_ easiest poem, out in the open
IV (Skip 3)
Have mercy on me be mine
Merzé- accept my love
The woman has mysterious powers and the poet has clearly fallen under her spell
Jacopo Da Lentini
Sonnet: Italian 14 lines divided between 4 stanza, first 4 quatras, and the other 2 3
lines tricets
All lines inda syllables
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