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Danny Harvey

JAL Chinese October 1, 2013 Next quiz will be different – asking to memorize writing system Korean, Inuktitut, TBA Same script, changes largely superficial Traditional account of inventing the writing system Cangjie developed it off the top of his head; saw inspiration from animal tracts – pigeon prints represent pigeon; make that connection nd developed the Chinese script from there – a legend Earliest Chinese writing – from capital of Shang dynasty – Another character in history of Chinese writing – Wu Ding, first of Shang kings, and his reign sees beginning of writing Divination bones – Fortune telling – bones are thrown into fire and cracks occur on them; it’s the cracks that determines the future No gradual step to step of pictograms to full linguistics writing At this time, have syntax, full sentences There are circumstance evidence for why writing has occurred previously Lady Hao’s Written on both sides of the shell Cracks with numbers are cracks due to burning Running commentary of entire process; child born, then write on the bone the result – records Bronze vessels Used for ceremonial purposes for making offerings to ancestors Put either your name (making the offering) or the ancestors to whom offering is made Same set of characters being used on oracle bones and same set on bronzes But the style is different; if look back to oracle bones and compare to bronze style See the style – the way the characters are drawn is quite different but both are consistent; all of the oracle bones have one syle of writing, the other has another style of writing Not artistic license – Bronzes got more and more elaborate; Right at first emperor’s reigh, 3 to 5 thousand signs; many variants, but still large inventory Compare to Egyptian – middle period where number of signs is large could be where Chinese is at at this point Origins – diffusion coming from Mesopotamia – idea of writing could have diffused but The other alternative is that there are a lot of clan signs (family symbols) and maybe this is what was on those early bronzes No connection between clan signs as oracle script – the symbols can be similar but this does not prove a continuity between the two; Chinese writing /could/ cone from clan symbols but the symbols are not linguistic writing Gap in archeological record Books made of bamboo scripts – it is an inventory of items in tomb Classical Chinese – used by educted elite between 700 to 200 (900 years) – stuck around until 100 years ago; Government standard – standardized tests; prevent corruption by shipping administrators elsewhere An official speech was developed since administrators need to be able to communicate and govern their new locations Lasted until 20 century Written Chinese – Beijing Mandarin – Mandarin and Cantonese – different characters, word order can change, etc. Textbook talking ab
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