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Lec 6 Semitic ScriptsFebruary12131005 AMQuiz after reading weekMemorize korean no cheat sheet on quizSee p73 in textbook korean vowels onsetscodasetcSemitic scripts and Semitic family have some overlapsAkkadian is a semitic language borrowed the language from Sumerian which isnt SemiticSemitic scripts From Spain to IndonesiaSpread around the worldMost of the world is using a derivative of Semitic Ladino JudaSpanish language written in HebrewMalay and Achay were once written in Arabic script and sometimes still areThe move away from Logography logogramsFrom Cuneiform to Egyptian Chinese and KoreanJapaneseSemitic moves away from logogramsPrecursorsBoth Cuneiform with Akkadian and Egyptian came close to phonological writing but kept determiners and logograms throughoutEach of these was used in a relatively conservative cultural center with ties going back to the origins of writingConservative like ChineseThe near east was not such a center Writing was not developed here it was borrowedThe CrossroadsThe west semitic languages are at the crossroads betweenLarge empires and powers all met in the Aramaic sections middle east sectionEastern Semitic Akkadian CuneiformHamitic Egyptian HieroglyphicsIt was here that the determinatives and logograms were finally discardedSmall city states and kingdomsHere no large empire ruled and a good number of dialects and languagesRegion of trading ports reaching Egypt Greece Crete Anatolia Mesopotamia and beyondPhonological writing enabled transferability between languageeg book phonetic letters can be used to represent this word and enabling both people of diff language speaking cultures to understand and readIf Phoenicia has a phonological system it is very easy for neighboring Hebrew or Aramaic speakers to adopt Translating phoneician writing to their own writingsemitic writing within days whereasChinese for example Took centuries Lectures Page 1 Where did Semitic writing originateEgyptian as a modelEgyptian could be written entirely phonologically with consonant uniliteralsForeign words often done this wayEgyptian had strong influence up into Byblos in SyriaOne can imagineA semitic speaker learning to write their language using this systemCuneiform was syllabic thus it was hard to followborrow from thisPrinciple of AcrophonyAcrophonya pictorial symbol represents a morphemeTake the first phoneme sound of that morpheme wordThat pictorial symbol now represents that phonemeExamples of AcrophonyPattern of getting from Egyptian hierogphs to SemiticIt was believed that Sinai script was the overlapping evidence alpha and beta means nothing in Greek but was borrowed from PhoneicianSemitic timelineBy 1700 BC people familiar with Egyptian writingSouth Semitic writing diverges 1400 BCNorth Semitic Phoenician develops Phoenician writing system spread throughout the coast Employed the concept of Acrophony to put together a 27consonant inventoryLater reduced to 22 never changed until later in ArabicWhy no vowels All these words began with consonants Simplified forms Phoenician Writing Lectures Page 2
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