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University of Toronto St. George
Ailis Cournane

JLP315 June 19, 2013 Ethics - Branch of philosophy deals with right wrong moral conduct - Diff concepts haard to define anc hcnage goven culture norms and time period as well - Who decided vary by region - U of t – central ethics board for all research dealing with humans and animals - Historically marginalized or vulnerable need ethics - Even not harmful - Someone who speaks language not get ethics – expert - Semeantics with child elmo – because vulberable group needs to go through full ethics 2 - Still consider in research - Children not drug research bc may react differntely research not apply to them - Early research on medicine done on men not tested women treat women differently - Women, children first nations historically excluded vulnerable group for research group - May be exploited in research in past or underreco - Parent makes descion but child can say yes or no what will happen but parent signs off - Kid scared and feel like forcing them, consent without consent from those participating - Ling work they enjoy some don’t want to participate - Children different – developing, their physical empotional, lingusitci are different from an adult Statements - Tricoucnil policy - Gov document on policy used across Canada universit - Social science humanites medical - Provide funding wont fund in not improve anials - Over inclusion, various disabilities - If have downsyndrom seen as both human pop requires more research and pop easier to research not being able to consent - Seen as exploitable - Should be included bc in past not included - Children not just passive parents sign off but can say yes or no to something feedback from child - Not incababple but how explain still be clear if make it so 4 - Risk matrix - How vuln is pop is left - Group vuln - And rows how dangerous decepetive invasive - Lingusitc – elmo low risk no known risk - Children always high risk - Medium – working with any machinery - Delegated get someone in department 5 - Monintor all study with human participants - 7 guiding principals - Common themes across all protocol - 1Free and inform consent – what studying why harm benefits, get someone onsent on behalf - 2intel dis kids, double vuln bc children with autism - 3kept confidential fake names privacy of data - 4justic and inclusiveness, respect history and historically included to much not included, and what do with research using it in such way take infor from group and use st own advantage or just and fair of people that you studied. Linguistics work with 1 nations people small pop historically marginalized by cnaadaina gov. considered vulnerable worl with comm, kind of inclusiveness with particapnts - 5 if research is harmful , reason for doing it - 6make experiment work minimize harm do so - 7max benefits cancer research quite big . linusitics research make comfortable Genie - Ling theory and ethics - Research with children and vuln people - Wild child feral children deprived of ling input important ling bc ling theory - Lang is innate and critical periods and LAD soon child is born with nteraction social input hearing people speak will pick up language and speak like a children typically developing - No input not given lanaauge - Certain time period learn lanagauge has to deal with structures in developing brain - Past critical period morphosyntactic move passed all critical periods not learn lanagauge - Language in nate and must be elarned in infancy to reach fluency - Not learned other learning processes – general leanrng skills, infant primed for lnaaguge - No scientist would be approved - 1970 abused neglected not received input - Number of ling psych swoped in studied quite a lot - Many ling texts and lan axq ones - Measure of sensationalism - Benefit and harm - Max ben mini harm - What value come from case and abuse - Worth it to sensationalized - What value came out from science - Did child benefit or not Genie video – secret of the wild child - Uncivilized - Beaten for making noise th - Los angelos nov 4 1970 - 13 year old girl - Isolated never talk - Completely restrained sit alone day after day night after night for over a decade - Still wearing a diaper - 13 seen as an infant - Children hospital in los angelos - Test an idea that nurturing env make up for most nightmarish of pasts - Genie – creature out of bottle emerges into society already gone through human develop - Strange buddy walk - Inhuman characteristics - Spat scratch - Barely made no noise - Learned not to
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