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University of Toronto St. George
Ailis Cournane

Language Acquisition Infants learning to communicate which is more broad than languagecan communicate with gestures eye contact etcInfants being able to communicate provide groundwork on which language develops Is there a reason why humans talk differently to infants from talking to adultsFirst task infants figure out is what sounds theyre hearing 3the social is really critical A lot of studies that have tried to figure out whether a child can learn new words from listening to TV consistently children do not learn language from television but from other human beings Social interaction is really critical Teleological is goalorientedyoung children can communicate without using words ex Child is hungry and hits refrigerator the child has communicative goal in mind when goes to refrigerator ie feed meVIDEO 13monthold baby turntaking eye contact RESPONSIVENESS Father is engaging the infants attentiona major way infantdirected speechVIDEO 26monthold babies turntaking eye contact Not much variation in what they were vocalizedimitation indicating paying attention to the other babyBetter focusVIDEO 3Changes in pitch intonation ie questioning tone PROSODYmanipulating stream of sound more like speechSaid byephonetically easy to say Hanging up at the end When a child uses a word they may not have enough psychological or linguistic understanding to use it in an adult way VIDEO 4Stress with voice and emotionscoordination between physical behaviour and linguistic behaviour Facial expressions getting better coordinated with vocalization Deb Roy TED Talk Birds eye view camera and microphone in each room gaga was his word for water but in half years time he was able to say waterVertical is how complex caregiver utterances are x axis is time every time the child learns a word trace back to all the times the word was said to him caregiver would dip to a minimum making it simple as possible then ascend in complexitythe dip corresponded to when he said itcaregiver meeting him at birth of word to bring baby to languagePeople are in tight feedback loopssocial hotspots solo hotspotsto understand interaction between the patterns To see if can predict of how the structure of when words are heard affects when theyre learnedwordscapescreated by finding every instance of using a particular word by baby like water or bye13naturalistic and longitudinal
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