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Ailis Cournane

JLP315January 29 2014Semantic Development 2 Four setsdifferent types of words wouldhypothetical markerdifficult to define this compared to a word like dog Morpheme refers to the smallest meaningful part of language Lionesstwo pieces of meaninglion and essanimal and female Refers to somethingnot just things but also eventsAll different types of meaningdifferent challenges for children acquisition 3The childs understanding of gonna is somehow differentbroader less defined perhaps since this is used when adults will use will As a child grows more metalinguistic awarenessas to do with mental abilities 4Semanticsthe study of meaning system of languagetwo major types of morphemes LEXICALopen classcontent words FUNCTIONALclosed classlearn them in acquisition of first languagein leaning period and then do not learn any more after that 5Meaning of a word is independent of its referent The referent of table is one particular table you can referpoint to but you can say table and other people will understand regardless of there is a table nearbyso this is contextindependent 6Problematic because if have an image for an objectmatching what you see to mental abstract imagethis idea breaks down even if you think of things that can be imagined visually Mental image does not work for abstract wordsThe other idea is SEMANTIC FEATURESeverything in the world can be decomposed to its meaningful features But there is no fixed set of features that cover all meaningsdo not know how abstract to get or how concrete to stay And while some features like plus animate seem to be targeted by languagesmay mark agreement differently or another wayother features like plus furry even though this is information useful for identifying or learning but this does not seem to be a feature used by us in learning linguistic systems 7Most of the things we have to categorize in our daily life are perhaps better described as prototypes of categorya member of the category that best describes thecategory fits all criteria 8Probabilistic conceptsdo an assessment based on features beak wings moves like a bird lays eggsso probably a birdone thing doesnt fit with list of criteria for birdhood but it is just one thing so will say it is probably a bird
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