LIN200 January 9

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Maria Sabaye Moghaddam

LIN200 – January 9 Linguistics is the scientific study of language Knowing a language – being able to produce the possible structures of the language, and producing sounds with a meaning Important difference between language acquisition and language learning:  Acquisition – exposed to it, not conscious  Learning – conscious practise and study How is language different from other forms of communication? Rule System 1. Arbitrariness – no direct relationship between the form and the meaning ie. Why we call a cup a cup and not a zap. If we know the word, impossible to know the meaning – if we know the meaning impossible to know the word 2. Onomatopoeia – imitates 3. Displacement – talk about something which is not present 4. Discreteness – There is boundary between units of language. Knowing when it starts and finishes. Discrete vs. continuous? Continuous is when you would listen to German for example and you are unable to pick up on the spaces between words. Discreteness allows us to repeat
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