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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 - Clauses

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Richard Compton

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o 2i. substitution test to determine whether pret or p participle use verb fly so flew fits therefore preterite o ii. Use verb take took therefore preterite form o iii. Take taken therefore p. participle form o iv. Use verb fly flown therefore p. participle form o v. use sing sang therefore preterite form o 5i. non-finite: cannot stand on its own as a clause, missing subject better solution: p. participle form found in non-finite clauses arrested is a p. participle o ii. Finite can test this: if you switch to 3 person sing o iii. Finite there is a subject (they) o iv. Non-finite gerund-participle heading clause; also no subject there o 7i. must auxiliary: we can have bare infinitval after it (therefore modal); not o ii. Is auxiliary: isnt, also dont need to add other aux o 11i. imperfective I think can hold over to tomorrow o 20ii. Epistemic what they knew,
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