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LIN204H1 Lecture 1: LIN204_winter(1)

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Phil Howson

English Grammar LIN204H1S, Winter 2018 T 7-9, PB B150 Phil Howson Sidney Smith Building, Room 4086 [email protected] T 4-6, or by appointment Course Description: How the English language works: you will analyze a wide variety of English grammatical structures and learn how they vary across dialects and change through time. This is not an ESL course. Distribution Requirements: Humanities Breadth Requirement: Thought, Belief and Behaviour (2) Required Textbook Lobeck, A. & Denham, K. (2013). Navigating English Grammar: A Guideto Analyzing Language. Wiley-Blackwell. Course Website This course uses Blackboard. Announcements, homework assignments, and grades will be posted on Blackboard. Blackboard canbe accessed bylogging inat with your UTORid and password. Please make sure your utoronto e-mail address is up to date on ROSI so that all course announcements will be sent to you. You are responsible for any information sent in the course announcements. Tutorials Tutorials are a helpful component of the course work and attendance is required. During tutorials, homework will be collected and discussed, and supplemental material will be covered with the aim of deepening your understanding of the course material. If tutorials are not attended, you risk performing poorer ontheir course work and weakening their understanding of fundamental topics. Participation marks partially depend on participation during tutorials. Tutorial Sections TUT0101 T 3-4 BA3116 Ryan Pidhayny TUT0102 T 3-4 RW142 Lisa Sullivan TUT0201 T 4-5 RW142 Matthew Riopelle TUT0202 T 4-5 SS2125 Zo McKenzie TUT5101 T 5-6 RW142 Lisa Schlegl TUT5102 T 5-6 SS2125 Koorosh Ariyaee TUT5201 T 6-7 PB255 Tim Gadanidis TUT5202 T 6-7 HA316 Megan Parker 1
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